Town of Boylston
Board of Health Minutes 11/22/2010

Members Present:        Gerry Gleich, Sarah Scheinfein, Lorie Martiska

Members Absent:       None

Others Present:         Dennis Costello (Sanitation Agent), see attached Sign-In Sheet

Recorder:                 Melanie Rich


Public Hearing – Tahanto Regional Middle/High School (Request for Variances) – Bill Maher (Nitsch Engineering) was present.  He gave a brief overview of what transpired at the last meeting.  Dennis has been in contact with DEP regarding their variance approval for schools.  He was told that part of the process is coming before the Board of Health for their endorsement, but it is up to DEP to grant or deny any variance.  It is not a variance to our local regulations.  The Board has no objections to approve the plan for DEP approval of the school, but is not granting a variance.  The Board unanimously voted that they have no objections to the proposed DEP variance in accordance with Title 5, Section 15.416 (Variances for Schools), and are not granting local variances.  

Steve Sears – Mr. Sears attended informally on behalf of his client who purchased two lots at the town auction to ask if the Board would grant a variance for new construction.  He was told the Board does not grant variances for new construction.  It was recommended that the best solution would be to put the house on one lot and the septic system on the other.

Farooq Ansari – Mr. Ansari was the high bidder for the Longley Hill defunct subdivision.  Dennis gave him a copy of the plans.  Mr. Ansari asked if the Board had any objections to giving the two houses 30’-32’ of backyard and putting in a retaining wall as opposed to what it currently is.  Dennis said it would not affect the systems and the Board had no objections.


Vouchers were approved.

Sarah made a motion to approve the Meeting Minutes dated September 27th and October 25th as amended; Lorie seconded; all agreed.

Due to the holidays, the Board will not hold a meeting in December.  January 24, 2011 was confirmed as the date for the next BOH meeting.  


Flu Clinics (Senior and Town-Wide) – The senior flu clinic resulted in 150 doses being administered, while the town-wide clinic administered approximately 70 doses.  The elementary school inquired if there was vaccine remaining.  Sarah will send out an email on behalf of the school and see what the response is.  Dennis also received an email from Jane Meegan (Council on Aging) asking if it would ever be possible to do some home visits for the shots.

MHOA Conference – Dennis and Sarah attended and found it to be informative.


146 Central Street (Ken Ware) – Approved.

10 Clearview Avenue (Church of the Nativity) – Approved.

25 Poe Avenue (Eric Johnson) – Approved.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.