Cyclical Inspections

The Town of Boylston Assessor's Office conducts regular cyclical inspections in compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue guidelines.

The purpose of the inspection process is to verify data on which assessed values are in part based. Since soundly based equitable assessments require accurate property data, we ask that you permit us to inspect your property. A complete inspection consists of an exterior as well as an interior inspection of your property. Typically these inspections take only a few minutes and consist of a walkthrough of your basement and living areas, as well as an exterior measurement of your home.

The Boylston Board of Assessors will contact you and a representative will visit your home. If no one is home or you wish to not have an interior inspection, the representative will do an exterior measurement of the buildings on your land. If you prefer to have an appointment, please contact the Assessor’s Office. These inspections generally take 10-15 minutes.

It is mutually beneficial that we view the property to ensure accurate information. Your assistance in this effort is greatly appreciated as we strive to maintain the accuracy of our parcel data.

Thank You,

Board of Assessors

(508) 869- 6543