Harrington Park

The map linked above denotes the boundaries for Harrington Park as of May of 2023. Please stay within park boundaries during your visit and respect park rules. Thank you!

Harrington Park History

In pre-Colonial times Native Americans lived upon this land, but in 1664/1665 Nipmuc members transferred land surrounding Lake Quinsigamond to early settlers. The Colony’s Royal Governor granted land to two of the settlers, Captain John Hull and Francis Willoughby, Deputy Governor of the Colony. Hannah Hull-Sewall came to own her father’s portion with her husband Chief Justice Sewall of Salem Witch Trial notoriety. He later expressed great regret over his involvement in the trials. The Sewalls expanded their property, purchasing the land originally granted to Francis Willoughby, owning a total of 1500 acres here. Over the years, subdivisions, boundaries, and ownership changed many times.

The Young Men’s Christian Association purchased 15 acres of this land in 1958 and operated a day camp where children were taught swimming, boating, crafting, fishing, and other skills. Named for Frank C. Harrington, a Y.M.C.A. executive for many years, the camp was first known as Harrington Conference Center and later referred to as Camp Harrington. Mr. Harrington later provided funding for expansion.

In 2017 a real estate development company purchased the land from the Y.M.C.A. and built several homes in the area. In a 2020 survey, Boylston residents indicated a strong desire to preserve and acquire open and natural spaces. When the opportunity arose, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, Inc. acquired this parcel of 18.36 acres and held it for the Town. At a Town Meeting in December2021, residents unanimously supported the acquisition, funded in part by a PARC grant.

Sewall Pond is spring-fed, flows into Lake Quinsigamond, and is named for Chief Justice Samuel Sewall. Categorized as a ‘Great Pond’ by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this park provides the only public access to its shoreline. As a nod to Camp Harrington nostalgia, the Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously on the name for this new facility. The Town of Boylston and the Parks and Recreation Commission are pleased to offer this park for the enjoyment of all. Welcome to Harrington Park!

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