For your enjoyment, Parks & Recreation  offers the following facilities:

In the Center of Town, residents can enjoy 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, and swings.  In the winter, you can enjoy ice skating.

At our Hillside Complex, we offer a 200+ acre parcel that is home of the Municipal offices and Police Department, as well as:  Fields, a covered pavillion picnic area, and playground.  An indoor gym open to adults and children for a variety of uses.  Hillside is also the home of Boylston Youth Soccer.

In the Morningdale section of Boylston just off Route 70 you will find Manor Park, home to Boylston Youth Baseball, with 3 baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and playground equipment with swings.

The home of Boylston Youth Softball is located at Boylston Elementary School.  The playground is open to all (after school & on weekends).  

At the intersections of 70 & 140 you will find the home practice field for the Boylston-West Boylston Pop-Warner Football & Cheerleading.