The booking room is where we process violators/prisoners. Standard booking procedures consist of entering information on the suspect such as height, weight, license information, distinguishing marks (tattoos and scars), entering evidence involved with the crime, list of property the arrestee comes into the booking room with, and taking fingerprints and photos.

Prisoners are restrained to the bench with handcuffs during booking.

Information on the suspect is entered into the booking computer.

During booking procedures suspects are photographed.

Suspects are also fingerprinted.

If a person refuses to take the Breathalyzer, their license or right to operate in Massachusetts shall be suspended for at least a period of 180 days or up to life.

Miranda Warnings, Right to Use A Telephone and Statutory Rights and Concent Form charts have been conveniently placed on the walls so people in custody may read along when being read their rights. 


Miranda Warnings

Right to Use a Telephone

Statutory Rights and Consent Form