In-Home Medicine Disposal

The Boylston Police Department routinely receives calls asking for information on how to dispose of household medications that have expired or that are no longer needed. It is important to dispose of these medications in a safe manner. The Boylston Police Department is in the process of obtaining a Drug Disposal Collection Box, but in the meanwhile, we would like to provide you with some information that would allow you to dispose your unwanted medications right in your own home.

The following is a guideline for the proper disposal of unwanted medications at home:

In-home medicine disposal removes medicines from the home immediately so that the medicine is not available for misuse or abuse and it does not create any additional environmental impact or cost.

To safely and securely dispose of unwanted medications in your home, please follow these recommended steps:

Step One:

Pour medication into a sealable plastic bag, such as a zip lock bag. If the medication is in solid form (pill, liquid capsule, etc.), add water to dissolve it.

Step Two:

Add kitty litter, sawdust, coffee grounds or another mixing/absorbent material to the plastic bag to make the solution less appealing for pets and children and more solid in nature.

Step Three:

Seal the plastic bag and put it in the trash.

Step Four:

Remove and destroy identifying personal information (for example, the prescription label) from the medication containers before recycling them or throwing them away. This will help safeguard medical privacy.

There are several medications that also can be flushed down the sink or toilet. For a list of prescriptions that can be flushed, please go to the following website: FDA's Disposal of Unused Medicines: What You Should Know.

If you should have any other concerns, you can visit the above FDA website for more information.