Assessors' Office

The Assessors' Department has a full time Assessing staff along with an elected three member board who serve on a part-time basis. The members of the current Board of Assessors are Carl Cravedi, Paul O’Connor, and Michael Juliano.

The Assessors' Office is responsible for administering Massachusetts property tax laws effectively and equitably and for producing accurate and fair appraisals of all taxable property. In Boylston the property tax contributes over 70% of the town's operating budget. Taxable property would include not only real estate but personal property for businesses as well.

The office provides a public access computer providing information on real estate properties in Boylston. The data includes the property owners' name, total living area, building footprint, land area, and total assessed value broken down by land and building(s).

The motor vehicle excise tax is administered through the Assessors' Office. Adjustments to the bill are made when a car is sold or the owner moves out of state and the plates are cancelled or transferred to a new vehicle.

After July 1st of each year the Assessors' Office sends exemption and deferral forms to property owners who have received an exemption and/or deferral during the previous fiscal year. Exemptions include, among others, qualifying veterans, the elderly and the blind.

Our plan is to inspect every home at least once every ten years.

The Assessing staff are available to answer your questions during regular office hours and are happy to provide assistance in filling out abatement applications, exemptions or deferral forms.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Margo Richardson Administrator

Board Members

Thomas Martiska
Paul O'Connor
Michael Juliano