About the Town

BOYLSTON is a small, rural community in Central Massachusetts. Settled in 1722 along the Nashua River and incorporated in 1786, the town remained an agricultural community until the mid 1950's. Originally settled by English and Scots-Irish families, it has become home to diverse ethnic and racial inhabitants.

The natural beauty of Boylston is everywhere: the peaceful waters of the Wachusett Reservoir with its treasure of flora and fauna; the Town Common dominated by a typical New England church and well kept 18th and 19th century homes. The land is crisscrossed by numerous streams, fields of wild flowers, and stands of stately trees.

Monument in BoylstonThe town is proud of its history. It has sent its young men and women to fight for their country and a score have given their lives for America.  It is the site of the home of the greatest temperance orator of the 19th century, John B. Gough.  Boylston is now a haven for commuters who leave the cities where they labor and find peace and solace in a town that has retained much of its rural atmosphere.

We invite you to take a short ride north on route 70 and experience a collage of history, nature, and peace.