Verizon FiOS in Boylston

July 2015

Due to reports from residents still being told that Verizon is willing to provide FiOS cable to Boylston residents but the Town is holding up the process, the Town Administrator once again reached out to Ellen Cummings at Verizon.  Ms. Cummings clearly stated that Verizon is not expanding FiOS cable service into Boylston, and the Town has in no way been uncooperative or responsible for Verizon's decision. The attached letter from Ms. Cummings confirms Verizon's position.

March 2011

A Cable Advisory Committee member spoke with Ellen Cummings of Verizon, who said they still have NO plans to build out new communities.  Ms. Cummings was asked to put her response in writing.  She may be reached at (508) 480-2420.

February 2010

Town Administrator Nancy Colbert Puff spoke with Ellen Cummings, Verizon Regional Director for External Affairs, and Ms. Cummings informed her that Verizon has no plans to expand into Boylston in 2010.

January 2009

Ellen Cummings, Verizon Regional Director for External Affairs, recently met with Town Administrator Nancy Colbert.  Verizon is continuing to work towards making its FiOS cable television service available to communities across the state.  The Town has repeatedly made clear its desire to enter into negotiations, and will stay in close touch with Verizon as it considers whether to add Boylston to its expanded service.   Ms. Cummings offered her assistance in answering any further questions – she can be reached at (508) 480-2420.

March 2008

It is important for Boylston residents to realize that the Town has specifically requested that Verizon return to the negotiation table. We were told during the most recent conversations that Verizon would not be able to "restart" the process until 2009.  We have requested that they re-enter negotiations at the earliest possible date.

February 12, 2008

Email exchange between Verizon and Boylston Cable Advisory Committee:
From: Chairman (Boylston Cable Advisory Committee)
"...Residents in Boylston are asking for FIOS-TV. We are forced to tell them that Verizon pulled out of negotiations and have not resumed. We would very much like to restart the licensing process"....
From: Director of Public Affairs (Verizon)
"..please feel free to call me on Thursday or Friday....Thanks for your continued interest in FiOS TV."

February 5, 2008

Excerpt from E-mail received 2/5/08 from Verizon in response to Boylston’s Cable Advisory Committee’s inquiry to re-enter negotiations for a franchise license:
"At this time we are not ready to open negotiations. However, we continue to review and refine our plans for 2008. I will contact you as our plans continue to evolve."

November 2007

In light of several phone calls being received, the following update is being posted.  Contrary to what some residents are being told by Verizon, you should not call the Town Hall for a status of "negotiations" for a Verizon cable franchise:

In August of last year Verizon requested to start the licensing process in Boylston so that they could offer television services in Boylston via FiOS.  At that time they told us that they had already completed running the cable for the FiOS and that they would be offering Internet and telephone service via FiOS as that was not covered under the telecommunications act and as such did not require any special licensing.

Boylston completed the required paperwork as requested by Verizon.  By December 2006, Verizon had still not started the process, citing delays due to thier legal staff being streched too thin working with other communities; they promised to start the process in January 2007.   In February they said that they did not have adequate engineering resources.  In March they said they were going to be delayed longer but would not commit to a date.  In June they told us that they expected to be able to start Boylston in the fall; this is the latest status we have.

At no time has Boylston ever delayed Verizon's licensing / cable television process.