Appointment Policy for Boards & Committees

Committee Appointments

Approved: November 16, 2009

This policy contains guidelines for Selectmen's appointments to volunteer committees. It shall apply to all groups, organizations and committees (hereinafter committees) whenever the Selectmen are required to appoint the entire committee or any members thereof.

A.  Before making any appointment, the Office of the Selectmen shall publicize a notice calling for volunteers to be broadcast on local cable T.V. and may request that The Banner, or any other local news media publish the same. The notice shall specify the following:
        a. The name of the committee;
        b. Directions for applying;
        c. A closing date for acceptance of applications;
        d. A telephone number where information concerning the duties of the committee and the time commitment necessary may be obtained.
Whenever possible, these notices shall be broadcast at least one month prior to the close date.

B.  The Selectmen or Town Administrator are encouraged to recruit members for any committee position.

A.  New Volunteers: Any resident of the Town of Boylston may apply to be appointed to a committee. Interested residents shall be directed to complete a Volunteer to Serve Form, including qualifications they would bring to the position. Whenever possible, resumes should accompany the form, which is to be forwarded to the Selectmen's office. 
The Selectmen shall interview, in public session, all new applicants for committee positions and shall make their appointments in public session. Interviews shall focus on the qualifications of the applicant and the role of the committee. The chair of the committee shall be notified in writing of the interview date and time, relative to candidates for appointment to the committee for which he/she serves as chair, and invited to attend the meeting.  Additionally, the current committee chair or designee will interview the new applicant whenever possible and provide written feedback of their recommendation to the Selectmen prior to the date of the candidate’s interview with the Selectmen.

B.  Incumbents:  Especially on committees which involve a significant amount of time in service to become a knowledgeable and useful member, present members will be given every consideration if they desire to be reappointed.  At least one month prior to appointments, the Selectmen’s office shall contact present committee members to determine their desire to be reconsidered for appointment.  Incumbents who wish to be reappointed must indicate so in writing to the Board of Selectmen by way of returning a Volunteer to Serve Form.  The Selectmen shall consider their re-appointments in public session.
As a general statement and underlying principle, people invited to serve the town by becoming members of its important non-elected committees, boards and commissions should:

  • Be people of competence, good will and sound, objective judgment;
  • Be drawn from new and long-time residents alike;
  • Be truly interested in the welfare of Boylston and all its residents;
  • Be sensitive to the long-term as well as immediate impact of their decisions and recommendations;
  • Be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.

It should be noted that “experience,” while desirable, is NOT a requirement. The Selectmen would like to encourage people who have not come forward before to let their interests be known.
All volunteers, along with public employees, must complete a brief online training program, in accordance with conflict of interest law, Massachusetts General Law Chapter 268A.

A.  All members of the Board of Selectmen shall receive copies of the Volunteer to Serve Forms prior to each position being appointed.

B.  All committee appointments shall be based solely on merit.

C.  Appointments shall be made in public session, as soon as possible after any necessary interviews have been conducted. A majority vote of the Board is necessary to appoint members. Whenever possible, the Board shall delay voting on an appointment until the entire Board is present.

A.  Applicants are encouraged to apply for alternative appointments whenever there are vacancies on more than one committee. Applicants seeking alternative appointments should inform the Selectmen's office of their order of preference for appointment.
The Selectmen's office shall maintain a list of all applicants who are not appointed, including the committees that they are interested in serving upon, and shall contact them for interviews should a position that they are interested in become available.

The Selectmen's office shall inform appointees of the term of their appointment in writing. In cases where the term of appointment is not elsewhere defined, appointments shall be made for a term of one (1) year, or as determined by the Selectmen, but in no case shall an appointment exceed three (3) years. The ordinary practice should be to make appointments for a one-year term. Whenever a vacancy occurs before the expiration of a term, the Selectmen shall appoint a member to fill out the unexpired portion of the term.

Members in good standing may be reappointed at the discretion of the Selectmen pursuant to application in accordance with the procedures set forth in paragraphs II-VI, VIII and IX of this policy.

A.  The Selectmen shall not appoint a resident to serve simultaneously on more than one municipal committee. However, residents who have been elected to a committee, appointed by another Board or organization, or who serve by operation of statute, bylaw or other rule, may be appointed by the Selectmen to serve on one additional committee. This provision shall not apply to the Selectmen or the Town Administrator. The Selectmen may waive this provision by voting unanimously that it is in the best interest of the Town to do so.

B.  The appointment of residents who have a potential conflict of interest and require appointment as a special employee to serve shall be governed by a separate policy.

A.  When making appointments, the Selectmen shall endeavor to make all new appointments and reappointments expire on June 30 of any given year, unless otherwise defined by statute, bylaw or other rule.

B.  Appointments for terms beginning July 1 shall be made after the Annual Town Election of any given year.