Senior Tax Rebate Program

Program goals: Participants can earn up to $1500 to be applied to their taxes.

Eligibility Requirements:

Participants must be 60 years of age or older or a veteran of any age

Own and occupy property for which Boylston taxes are paid for a minimum of 5 years

Ownership of property is limited to primary residence, no secondary homes

Only one application per household

Participants must meet income requirements – maximum of $250,000 in assets (excluding Boylston primary residence); for a single person, a yearly income of up to $47,600 and for a couple $54,400 (income includes employment, pensions, payouts on annuities, etc.).  Half of gross social security income is exempt from income calculation.

Participants must complete the Senior Property Tax Workoff Program application and must provide proof of income (proof will be verified by Assessor’s or COA office, but no documentation will be retained by the town)


Applicants must meet eligibility requirements and complete required town paperwork.

An assigned proxy may work the hours that are to be applied to the applicant’s benefit.

Applicants or assigned proxy must have appropriate skills for the position.

Applicants will meet with department heads to determine if each party feels that they are a match; if a match is determined, the department head and applicant will set a schedule and track hours of work which should be submitted to the COA monthly. 

Department heads must sign off on the hours and submit monthly to the COA office; COA will submit total hours to the Assessor’s Office by the first week of December. 

Participants must contact their departments directly if they are unable to make their scheduled hours.

Benefit Limits:

Maximum benefit of $1500 per fiscal year per household (any excess amount earned will apply to the following year’s tax bill).

Hourly compensation, up to maximum of $1500, based on current state minimum wage.

General Program Information:

Applicants must reapply annually for this program

Participation will not affect any local exemptions you may be eligible for

If you qualify for the state Circuit Breaker Credit, the amount you may be eligible for could be affected by participation in this program

Credit for work performed will be credited to the February and/or May tax bill.

Submit Applications to: Laura Susanin, Boylston COA, 221 Main St, Boylston, MA  01505