The Boylston Police Department vehicle fleet consists of 3 marked Ford Intercepter SUV's, a high mileage Ford Interceptor SUV assigned to details, an unmarked Supervisor's Ford Interceptor SUV, and the Chief's fully equipped unmarked Dodge Charger Interceptor.

13 Dodge Charger

All cruisers are equipped with the following equipment:

Police Radio

 Front and rear radar which may be operated while the cruiser is moving or stationary.

Laptops have recently been updated in the fleet.  The terminals are connected through cellular technology to the Department's Dispatch Center, which allows officers in the field to access the motor vehicle registry database, as well as state and national criminal files.  The installed laptop also provides the officer the capability of "talking" with other users who are logged on to the network.

Police laptop

Defibrillator, oxygen setup, first aid kit, road spike system, flares, jumper cables, prisoner shackles with belt, fire extinguisher, shovel, rope, flex cuffs, trash bags, measuring wheel, and other investigative equipment.  Officers also have access to a .12 gauge shotgun and an M-4 patrol rifle.

Police duty tools

Police vehicle trunk